Saint Beatrice da Silva, born in 1437 in Campo Maior, Portugal, is a revered figure for her life of renunciation and holiness. Her life is an example of love for God, dedication to others, and commitment to religious life.

Daughter of nobles, Beatriz made the decision to dedicate herself to God from a young age. However, she became a lady-in-waiting to Queen Isabella of Portugal, the consort of the King of Castile. Despite the many difficulties imposed by her family and her social status, Beatriz remained steadfast in her calling, rejecting marriage and opting instead for a life of poverty and prayer.

Beatriz first obtained permission to retreat to a monastery in Toledo and later to establish her own monastery, which gave rise to the Order of the Immaculate Conception. This order embraced a Marian charism and was deeply influenced by Franciscan spirituality. She authored a rule for her fellow sisters but she passed away shortly after her religious profession in 1492. Throughout her life, she lived with austerity and humility, fully dedicating herself to Christ.

Saint Beatriz is particularly revered for her devotion to the Immaculate Conception and the Blessed Sacrament. She would spend long hours in adoration, cultivating a profound union with Jesus in the Eucharist. Her faith in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist was a guiding light for others and a shining example of ardent love for the Lord.

Like Mary, who arose and quickly went to visit Elizabeth, Saint Beatriz promptly responded to God’s call in her life. She left behind the worldly comforts to embrace her calling and serve others with love and unwavering dedication.


Saint Beatriz was an extraordinarily beautiful woman, and this gift of hers caused many conflicts and jealousies in the royal court. As a result, she made the decision to veil her face until the end of her life, so that no man could see her beauty, but only God. At the end of her life, when the veil was removed, a great light shone upon her face, illuminating the entire room, a sign of her holiness. That is why Saint Beatriz is always depicted with a star on her forehead.

Youth prayer
St. Beatrice da Silva

Saint Beatrice,
woman with a contemplative look
and with an ever vigilant heart,
awaken, in us, young people,
the desire to live,
the beauty of the inner life and availability
to the Will of God,
in the challenges and struggles of life.

Teach us to hear the voice of Jesus,
and to be docile to the inspirations
of the Holy Spirit,
to be faithful to the vocation
disigned for us by the Father
as a horizon of happiness and true love.

 Saint Beatrice, give us your audacity,
in imitating Mary Immaculate,
in walking fast always following the path
which leads to God and neighbor!


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